Chemical Peel After Care

There are many benefits of getting a chemical peel. After you get a chemical peel there are a few things you can do to help aid in the healing process and to get the most benefits from your peel. It is important to remember that with each peel the skin will appear worse before it is better.


  • Limit sun exposure and always apply sunscreen 25 spf or higher.

    • ​The depth of the chemical peel will determine how long you need to stay out of sunlight. Anywhere from 7 to 14 days, even during this time it is important to wear SPF sunscreen to protect your skin. When you do go back outside be sure to wear SPF sunscreen in any area that may be exposed to UV rays.

  • Continue with daily skincare regimen. 

    • With these new layers of the skin beginning to be exposed they need the support of a skin care regimen as much as the upper layers of the skin before the peel. 

  • Use skin soothing products. (Skin Recovery Mist, Living Cell Clarifier, Stem Cell Power Serum, and Ultra Hydro Gel)

    • ​These products will help to soothe and protect the skin as it heals over time.

  • Do NOT pull on the dry skin 

    • As the skin peels, it is important that you let it fall off as it is ready otherwise you may cause additional damage to the skin.