Eyelash Extensions Before & After Care



  • Remove all makeup from your eyes including mascara, eyeliner, oil and dirt particles with an oil free product.

  • Do not wear lotion on your eyelids or under your eyes on the day of your appointment.

  • If you wear contacts, bring your case with you.

  • Do not curl your eyelashes with a mechanical eyelash curler.



  • Avoid geting your eyelashes wet for 24-48 hours, this allows the glue to properly dry.

  • Avoid hot steam rooms, sauna rooms and tanning salons for the first 48 hours after your application as the contact of the heat and moisture may weaken the lash extensions.  

  • Do not use a waterproof mascara, cleansers, makeup removers or moisturizers that contain oil or solvents on your eyes.

  • Do not use a mechanical or heated eyelash curler on synthetic eyelash extensions.

  • Gently brush your eyelash extensions with the mascara wand to fan them out.

  • Refrain from pulling, plucking or removing your eyelash extensions.

  • Due to the natural shedding of eyelashes on a daily basis, touch ups are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep your lash extensions looking their best.